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How to forward user mailbox to multiple email addresses

How to forward user mailbox to multiple email addresses ?

During IT support In this blog post, I will outline the steps for forwarding a user's mailbox on Office 365 to multiple email addresses internally:

  1. Access your admin Microsoft account at

  2. From the list of admin centers, navigate to Exchange.

  3. In the Exchange admin center, go to Mail flow and then Rules.

  4. Create a new rule with the following settings: a. Provide a name for the rule. b. Specify the condition: Apply this rule if "the recipient" is this person -> select their email address. c. Choose the action: Do the following -> Add recipient -> to the box. d. Optionally, you can also CC another recipient.

Complete the configuration of the rule with any additional options as needed. Once configured, the rule will be in a disabled state. Ensure to enable it by clicking on the rule and updating its status.

If you require assistance managing your Microsoft Office 365 account, please contact your local IT support partner in Melbourne.

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