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VoIP Business Solution

Phone System & Video

Keep your team connected with powerful voip solution. Receive client phone calls on the go – either using desktop phones or applications on mobile phones. We help you harness the power of the latest business voip solutions so that you can work smarter.

​Strong communication strengthens successful businesses. The way you communicate internally determines how successfully your teams can collaborate and deliver projects efficiently. And having strong customer communications enhances your brand reputation and customer satisfaction.

Our phone and video systems allow your staff to communicate effectively. And use with the latest technology to integrate into your existing internal and external tools. Whether you’re operating with multiple locations, remote employees, or field sales teams, we can bring them together.

VoIP Business Solution

  Our phone and video services include: 

video conferecing

Video Conferencing

Gathering your entire team for meetings can be tough, but our video conferencing solutions make it easy. We focus on making communication faster, more convenient, and effective, transforming how your team works together. Forget about the hassle of figuring out schedules and locations – our solutions make virtual connections a breeze.

Our video conferencing solutions go beyond traditional meeting limits. Team members can join from different places, reducing the need for everyone to be in the same spot. This flexibility creates a more inclusive work environment for remote employees or those in different offices. Effective communication allows participants to share screens, exchange ideas, and have real-time discussions, fostering a collaborative atmosphere.

Our video conferencing solutions not only make meetings simpler but also improve the overall quality of interactions. Embrace a new era of seamless collaboration, where distance barriers disappear.


VoIP Phone Solutions

Metadata Services will help you leverage VoIP for your business communication and replace your traditional phone systems and landlines. So you can reduce the need for buying extra lines from traditional phone companies.

Our voip call center solutions saves the cost of installing additional phone line and keeps your office communications effective. Features included are auto attendant, call queues, incoming call waiting, call monitoring, connecting landline phones and instant message.

Mobile solution

Mobile Solutions

We empower you with the flexibility to work on the go by integrating a reliable business IP phone system. Our system allows you to effortlessly add new lines, devices, establish offices, and connect remote teams within minutes. Furthermore, our commitment to your business extends to 24/7 customer support to ensure business running 24/7 with no problems. With our comprehensive approach, staying connected and managing your business communications has never been more efficient and user-friendly.


Managed Communications

Bringing your team together is our priority as we boost communication with unified voice, video, and communication tools. We go further by tailoring managed business phone systems, ensuring they seamlessly integrate with operations of your business. This commitment reflects our dedication to providing a communication environment that meets the specific needs of your organization.


Business Phone Systems

​We provide best voip solution for small business. A Cloud-based business phone systems renovate the way businesses interact with each other and with their customers. Our reliable phone service ensures that even if the power is out, it can still route your phone calls and forward your messages.


Toll-Free Business Numbers

In the modern business world, good communication is important. And Toll-free numbers play a key role in connecting companies with their customers. These special phone numbers, like 800, 888, 877, and others, let callers reach businesses for free. They make it easy for customers to connect without worrying about call costs, ensuring a positive interaction experience.


24/7 Support

We offer bespoke support from dedicated account managers and specialised service from some of the country’s best technicians. The team is specialized in voip problems and solutions and trained to deliver smooth customer experience.

unified communications

Unified Communication

Our communication tools, like video meetings and voip pbx solutions, help employees work better and keep customers coming back. We custom-build your voip providers offer and adapt and scale as your growing business needs change.


Upgrade your traditional landlines and Switch to voip, experience the calls over the internet.

MetaData offers best hosted voip solutions and telephone system solutions for organisations of all sizes. We can tailored our solutions to meet your hardware and operation requirements, from desktop to large conference solutions. We design a customised communications system that’s just right for you. our Aim is to be the provide the best voip solutions in Australia.

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VoIP Business Solution

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VoIP Business Solution

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