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Bring your people together, facilitate project collaboration, and quickly deliver services to your customers with seamless connectivity and communication. We take pride in our strong partnerships with a network of industry-leading internet connectivity providers.

Where would your company be without the internet? As your business hosts its technology and applications in the cloud, you’ll need high-speed and reliable internet connectivity to gain a competitive edge. At MetaData, we keep your business online and your people talking. Whether you’re looking for broadband connectivity, hosted telephony, or dedicated internet access, we’ll take the time to understand your needs and tailor our solutions to your business.


  Our IT security services include (but are not limited to):  

internet connectivity

Internet Connectivity

We partner with the best Internet Service Providers in Melbourne to provide fast and reliable business solutions. Our reliable internet connectivity services are proactively managed and supported by our team of experts.



We can help you design and implement a secure software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN), enabling you to connect sites globally and giving them access to the same services and data. You can connect your different branches with SD-WAN technology and extend your enterprise networks over large geographical distances.


Shared Internet Access

Our enterprise-grade broadband and network services allow companies to access the internet via a shared connection. These services are commonly used by smaller businesses that are light on internet use.

internet access

Dedicated Internet Access

Our dedicated internet connectivity services are often used by larger companies that need faster speeds, better security and reliability. Users can also get a private connection which is used solely by the business. It is ideal for enterprises that are reliant on being connected to the internet.


Cloud Connectivity

Our cloud connectivity services help companies connect directly to the public cloud. We can streamline your communication channels and make it easier for you to access and collaborate on information.

proactive managemnet

Proactive Management

We’ve all experienced poor internet connection. It’s not only frustrating but also reduces efficiency and causes unnecessary delays which eventually impacts your bottom line. We proactively manage your account to ensure that your internet connectivity service is functional and will help your organisation achieve its goals.


Managed Connectivity Services

We provide worldwide network connectivity that helps you to communicate with your employees and customers over a secure and reliable infrastructure.


  Keep Your Teams Connected with Seamless Internet Connectivity  

Our communication and connectivity solutions enable your employees to collaborate effortlessly and allow you to enhance the customer experience. We provide you with a resilient and scalable service that aligns with your strategy and grows with your business. Work more efficiently, stay productive, and never feel hindered by slow internet speeds.

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