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Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Improve resilience, increase productivity, and deliver better services with secure and reliable cloud solutions. Whether you need onsite support or remote assistance, we have all the right tools and resources to realise your goals.

Cloud computing is one of the most innovative breakthrough technologies that has transformed the IT industry massively. We can help you shift to the cloud and do away with physical servers that take up a large amount of space and cost a lot of money to set up and maintain. Let us care of all your cloud systems, freeing your teams to focus on more business-critical functions.

cloude services

  Our cloud services include (but are not limited to):  

cloude readiness

Cloud Readiness Assessment

We examine your resources and processes, as well as the current IT environment to see if you are capable of moving to the cloud. We also consider security and compliance requirements for the move, as well as future scaling prospects.

cloude migration

Cloud Migration

We can help you seamlessly move your infrastructure to a cloud setup and take advantage of Microsoft Global infrastructure so you can save the CAPEX of building your own infrastructure.

cloude security

Cloud Security

We manage and protect your information and your cloud environment using the most advanced tools and technologies.


Cloud Integrations

We optimize the way companies integrate their data onto different applications. It also provides a way for them to eliminate data silos, and helps them connect individual systems through one platform.

cloude solution

Tested Cloud Solutions

We have worked on numerous cloud integration projects, which makes us more than capable of handling your move to the cloud as well. We cater to all industries for cloud-related projects.


Disaster Recovery

We protect your business against the loss of vital data, ensure your information is backed-up, and offer guaranteed access to your applications.


Cloud Hosting

MetaData provides a unique, bespoke, and scalable approach to cloud hosting. Developed by experts with years of industry experience, our cloud hosting solutions not only give you full control, but ensure reliability and security, designed to meet your specific business needs.

solutions remote worker

Cloud Solutions for Remote Workers

Using the cloud means that remote workers will be accessing a data centre with high-quality infrastructure and fast internet speed. This means that you won’t have to worry about them trying to connect with your internal systems.


Cloud Support

We provide ongoing technical support services to ensure you continue getting the benefits of your cloud investment. We support your business in its digital transformation and successfully navigate your cloud journey.

clode services

Managed Cloud Services

Our cloud managed services help you ensure your cloud environment is fully secure, scalable, and compliant with relevant local and international regulations.

cloude analytics

Cloud Analytics

We offer secure real-time visibility into the health and performance of your critical business workloads, so you can maintain a strong security posture in the cloud.


  Gain a Competitive Edge with the Cloud  

Maximise highly valuable opportunities to scale your business and leverage new technologies. You can easily move your entire operations to the cloud with MetaData’s dedicated and experienced cloud professionals, who understand your business and what you need for digital transformation.

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